Iveta is a family company established in 1992 in Bjelovar. During our two decades of successful business activities, we expanded our business in Croatia and in the region. Products and services of the highest quality have earned us the recognition of thousands of satisfied clients, who gave us their trust and allowed us into their homes. Those satisfied employees and clients are the greatest strength of our company. By their example, the Peček family invested in Iveta the values which are the foundation of the company today.

Ivan Peček

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Mission and vision

Iveta is the leading Croatian company for the production of PVC and ALU windows and doors, and related products, with the goal of improving the quality of life for people, protecting of the environment, and introducing new trends to the Croatian and regional markets. High standards in the quality of performance, full service, and innovative products are the characteristics of our brand, which is built around our satisfied buyers: small families and large corporations.

Snježana Peček

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Integrity and honesty.

We believe that integrity and honesty the basic prerequisites for success.

Teamwork and commitment.

Teamwork is the basis for our success. Commitment to solving problems and completing tasks strengthens the teamwork which is the main link between the employees and company departments. Every individual is essential for the success of the company.

Professionalism and creativity.

At Iveta, we value professionalism and creativity in completing all tasks. Differing opinions and innovativeness are a prerequisite for the development of new ideas and products.

Satisfied employees.

Employees are the mirror of the company. We strive to create the best possible working conditions for our employees and encourage proactive and creative thinking by rewarding good business results. Mutual respect and trust enable us to accomplish our goals through selfless teamwork.

Quality products and satisfied clients

Satisfied clients are our greatest value. In order to keep every one of our clients happy, all of our products and services must be up to the highest standards.

Better World through small steps.

Everyone can change the world by changing themselves and their environment. We have always strived to contribute to our community and help those that need it: professional organisations, cultural associations and institutions, and regular people and their families.

Company History

Iveta is a family company established in 1992, when it took courage to do anything. During the Homeland War, faced with the failure of the companies where they worked, Snježana and Ivan Peček were looking for a product around which they can build a company and create a better life for their family.

While visiting fairs in Croatia and the neighbouring countries, they first encountered PVC windows in 1991. Not long after that, by combining the names of the members of their family, they founded Iveta, the company for the production and installation of PVC joinery and related products. Snježana Peček was the first employee of the company.

The first windows and doors that were installed still stand after 20 years in a house on Haulikova ulica in Bjelovar. Six years old at the time, Domagoj was passing tools to his father Ivan, while Domagoj’s sister Ivana and his mother Snježana were bringing them meals. The production and sale were located in their family house and all the members of the family participated in creating the company.

The first brand they represented was the Italian Finstral, and today Iveta is exporting their range of products to Italy. In 1996, the family bought a plot of land on Križevačka cesta, where they built a new manufacturing hall and new business premises, and moved their production facilities and their ten employees. The same year they changed their profile suppliers and oriented their production to Veka profiles.

The seat of the company is still in Bjelovar. There are over 150 employees in the company and the second generation of the Peček family is participating more and more in the creation of a new and larger company.