By listening to our clients, we learned the most about our products and services, but also about your needs and wishes.
In this way, we have directed all the aspects of our business activities toward improving the final service and our products. In order for the users to find out everything they want to know about PVC and Alu windows and doors and additional services as quickly as possible, we compiled a list of answers to questions most commonly asked by the users who are buying PVC joinery.

In our frequently asked questions section, we are trying to provide the answers to all the questions you may have when you decide to get PVC and Alu windows and doors in one place.

The list of questions is growing constantly and we are adjusting and updating the answers, so you can find out everything you want to know about PVC and Alu joinery in one place, and so those answers would keep up with the changes on the market.

In case you have questions about PVC and Alu products to which you could not find the answer on our web site, we would be happy to help. You can contact us by telephone, by email, by using the contact form, or by visiting our local branch office, and you can find all the contact information at the “Contact Page”.

When choosing a storage location, avoid blocking access paths or even fire access! Store your windows in dry, well ventilated rooms. It is recommended to protect the windows from dust by using foil. Windows made from artificial mass are equipped with protective foil, so they can be stacked next to each other. However, a better solution is to store windows with some material placed between them, e.g. polystyrene foam. Secure the storage location. This will avoid later damage.

Regular ventilation regulates the air humidity and provides a pleasant climate in the room. In order to avoid losing valuable energy in the air exchange, we recommend short but intensive airing. Turn off the heating devices. Open the windows two to three times a day to create a draught.


This, so called, impact airing will achieve an almost complete exchange of air in a room within a few minutes, without cooling the heat container in the apartment (walls/heating devices/furniture). Especially when the air humidity is elevated, for example in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or after wall finishing and painting works, it is necessary to air the room regularly to prevent the appearance of mould.

Adjusting fittings

Your windows have been installed and adjusted professionally and carefully. That is why subsequent adjustments of fittings should not be required. However, extreme demands or moving the construction frame casing can lead to some necessary subsequent adjustments over the years. It is best to leave this work to your windows professionals.

For the purpose of directly draining water that could get into the groove of the frame, for example during intensive rain or if the windows have been left in the tilted position, all windows must have the so called drainage openings. For example, in an open window you can find them on the inside, in the internal groove. When cleaning the windows, you should regularly check the drainage openings and remove any possible clogs.


Maintaining fittings

The technically designed and highly valuable fittings on your new windows will not cause any problems for you if they are handled in the appropriate manner. We would like to ask you to lubricate all the movable parts of the fittings at least once per year, using oil or grease without any acid or resin content, and if necessary tighten the screws. Your windows will in turn be easy to handle and function perfectly for many years.

For the purpose of permanently eliminating draught and water, your windows are equipped with modern gaskets that have a very long service life. Despite that, you should occasionally examine the conditions of the gaskets and their proper position in the groove, and clean them using water and a mild cleaning agent. In order to avoid moisture damage, also occasionally check the water tightness of the grooves between the window frame and the wall. If there are cracks in the sealant mass or if it has fallen off in places, contact us immediately.


Only perfectly adjusted sashes will guarantee optimal acoustic insulation and sealing. We will of course be happy to help in resolving any possible problems with regulating your windows and doors.

Artificial mass profiles feature a particularly durable surface which is easy to clean. Warm water with a mild cleaning or washing agent is usually enough to clean your windows. If you are having trouble with removing tough dirt, fell free to contact us.


Household and glass scrubbing and cleaning agents with aggressive ingredients like alcohol or ammonia may damage the surface of the glass, as well as gaskets. Use only soft cloths and sponges for cleaning.


Your artificial mass window profiles should not be dried by rubbing after cleaning. By rubbing PVC you will cause an electrostatic charge. This attracts dust particles back to the profile. Unlike that procedure, wet wiping with soap will remove the electrostatic charge and prevent its build-up.

Every offer is made individually, for every buyer (request) separately. Prices are formed on the basis of specific measurements, and many additional parameters affect the final price (profile type, colour, glass type, materials, shutter slats, additional equipment …). The final price calculation is also affected by the installation location (Dubrovnik, Bjelovar, Zagreb…), as well as the additional work, including removing old joinery and work on the frame sides.


The price also depends on the quality of individual components within the finished product. The company Iveta uses only the materials of the highest quality in all of their products and it always guarantees for all the parts from the offer for and their quality.


The delivery period for standard joinery (windows and balcony door) is minimum 15 weeks. Coloured joinery and non-standard joinery (doors and sliding panels has a delivery period of 20 weeks, while special colours increase the delivery period to 25 weeks.


Aside from the colour, the delivery period is also affected by the measuring time, additional equipment, and the installation location. The delivery period is particularly affected by the time in which the advance payment is deposited (the production of joinery begins only after the advance payment is deposited) and the delivery period starts once deposit of the advance payment is registered.

If Iveta is installing the joinery, then the measurements are also done by Iveta. In that case, if there are any mistakes, Iveta will take full responsibility. We will do measurements for all joinery (PVC, ALU). If the buyer insists that the joinery should be made according to the measurements done by them personally, than the buyer must sign for their own measurements on the offer, which confirms their responsibility for possible mistakes. We try to avoid informative measurements, and we recommend that the buyers send approximate measurements for informative offers, and then our employees will arrive at the location and perform the final measurements. Going to location is charged immediately and it depends on the distance of the construction site from the seat of the company.


If the final installation is done by Iveta, then the cost for going to the location is included in the work price.

The payment method is cash (payment slip, bank transfer, transfer, or directly at the local branch office). It is possible to pay 100% of the amount in advance or 50% of the amount in advance when the contract is signed and the remaining 50% of the amount when the joinery is installed.


It is also possible to pay by credit card Maestro, American, MasterCard, Diners (in that case we do not grant the discount on cash).


In case of payment by bank transfer, transfer, or payment slip, the offer number must be indicated in the payment description.


Going to location is charged immediately, and it depends on the distance of the construction site from the seat of the company. If the final installation is done by Iveta, then the cost for going to the location is included in the work price.


To get an approximate price of PVC front doors, it is best to talk to the sales associates, because every door is unique, custom made, and the final price is determined after the measurements and the selected design of the front doors.


As we already mentioned, the price is affected by the appearance of the doors, accessories, and colour (standard, non-standard, special colour, opening method).


In order to find the information you need more easily, we recommend checking out all the panel models at the web site or visit the closest local branch office, to consider the various possible variants with the sales associate, receive suggestions and advice, as well as various price offers.


For standard single sash doors, the price is HRK 3 000.00 and above, and for double sash doors, the price is HRK 4 500.00 and above.


The price for ALU front doors with a hidden sash is HRK 4 050.00 to HRK 5 550.00, and the price includes standard models and standard colours. The price can vary up to HRK 10 000.00 and it is affected by the special requests of the buyer, special design according to the buyer’s wishes, changes in the width of the applications, inlays, glass panes, reduced delivery period, two-colour panels, handles, wood imitation, pushers with biometric fingerprint scanners, and similar.

We do not service joinery made by other manufacturers because it is often very complicated to obtain spare parts made by other manufacturers.


We do perform some additions to the joinery made by other manufacturers, with advice from the technical director, if our materials and the materials of the installed element are similar and they can be combined. We would like to point out that this is an exception, and the price for these services is calculated separately.

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The warranty for the profiles is 5 years if we install them and if they are handled properly. Regarding the warranty for the glass panes and fittings, we are transferring the warranty offered by our suppliers, which is 2 years. Claims are received according to the location of the shop that issued the offer, the number of the offer, and the sales associate that made the offer. If the buyer is uncertain who should they contact to claim a product, we suggest contacting the seat of the company (Bjelovar office).