Guidelines of visual identity

The manual of graphical standards was developed to advance and standardise the visual representation of the company Iveta d.o.o. It was designed to be used by professional graphic designers in the process of applying the identity to other content and media.

A brand (or a sign) is any logo, image, symbol, first and last name, nickname, script, word, slogan, or a derivative used by an organisation, company, or an institution to identify their products/services and to differentiate that institution from other institutions. A brand, a name, and a logo are “owned” by a company and can be used outside the company only with permission. The name “Iveta d.o.o.”, for example, is a trademark and it can be used on promotional materials only with the permission of the company, same as its brand and logo.

Name of the company

The choice of the name is of crucial importance for the company because it has the features of a signature, which is used by the company in all verbal communication situations to explain itself. Aside from the basic parameters of the company name that must be met (it must be clear, legible, informative, adequate, associative, etc.), the name must conform to the marketing elements (economic propaganda, promotion, public relations, and similar).


The task of the company’s logo is to convey the message and the vision of the company.

Due to the ecological aspects of our business activities, the logo is dominated by the colour green. Modernity, keeping up with technological trends, and innovativeness of the company are displayed through the modernity and the simplicity of the logo itself as the symbol of recognition.

The use of the horizontally positioned letter “i” keeps the brand recognisability from the old logo. The letter “i” also has illustrative features – it represents a window handle, and with the square on which it is applied it represents a window – a product for which the company is widely known.

Along with the name of the company, the slogan “Windows and Doors” is also used and it has descriptive characteristics.

Book of Standards