Ivan Peček

Ivan Peček, was born in Žabjak near Bjelovar – where he finished high school in electrical engineering. Since he realized through high school that this is exactly the profession that suits him, he enrolled in the higher electrical engineering Rade Končar in Zagreb. As a young expert, he returned to Bjelovar and was employed as a maintenance manager at ČESMA dd. As the head of the maintenance service, he worked in Tomo Vinković “Foundry and tractor factory in Bjelovar, and in the company Bjelovarski vrt.

In 1992, together with his wife Snježana, he founded his own company IVETA d.o.o. The technician in it quickly understood the possibilities and advantages of PVC joinery, the method of installation and production. Thanks to him, IVETA d.o.o. even today it is known as a company that can make everything that exists in PVC and aluminum joinery, of course, within the technical norms.

In 2002, they founded a subsidiary company PANETA, which is engaged in a related activity of production of flat and decorative fillings for construction.