ALU roller shutters

  • They increase the insulation properties of windows and doors.
  • They extend the service life of ALU windows and doors.
  • They are simple to maintain and facilitate the maintenance of windows and doors.

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Appearance of your home

The modern construction industry is lately increasingly leaning toward aluminium, which is one of the leading materials thanks to the fact that it is light and strong, easy to work, and resistant to various weather conditions. Those are the reasons why aluminium joinery is popular in modern construction, and architects are fond of it. Aside from standard aluminium joinery, the aluminium-wood combination is also increasing in popularity. The best qualities of these two materials are combined – strength of aluminium and the excellent insulation properties of wood.

Joinery maintenance

ALU doors and windows should occasionally be wiped using a damp cloth and warm water. We do not recommend using coarse sponges and wire sponges, or cleaning agents of any kind. Regularly remove dust and other residue from the profiles, fittings, gaskets, and from the edges of the profiles.


ALU roller shutters, as well as plantation shutters, increase the insulation value of windows, protect the windows from external influences and damage, extend the service life of ALU windows and doors, and facilitate maintenance. Vekavariant roller shutters are an excellent insulator: Usb = 0.76 W/(m2K) and fRsi = 0.70. The roller shutters (Vekavariant) are available in three basic heights: 175, 210, 235 mm. Additions and extensions: An insect net (mosquito net) can be added to Vekavariant roller shutters. Furthermore, they are ready for the installation of electronic components so they can be electrically operated.

The RAL colour palette

It represents the colours from the RAL 840HR Colour Register, developed in the German Institute of Quality Assurance (RAL), where colours have numerical designations. The Colour Register is divided into eight groups of colours with numerical designations that partially overlap. The following characteristic numbers have been selected for the RAL groups of colours: RAL 1000 yellow colours RAL 2000 orange colours RAL 3000 red colours RAL 4000 purple colours RAL 5000 blue colours RAL 6000 green colours RAL 7000 grey colours RAL 8000 brown colours RAL 9000 white and black aluminium shades.


The aluminium profiles we use have a certificate from Ift Rosenheim. Ift Rosenheim GmbH Germany is an authorised European body for testing, supervision, and certification, with an international accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, authorised to set the rules for defining and assuring quality.

ALU roller shutters

ALU roller shutters are made of very strong materials and they represent a demanding obstacle for anyone trying to break in. Also, additional security is provided by the system that prevents the lifting of the shutter. They increase the safety of your home and also protect you from unwanted view from the outside. We install alu roller shutters on all aluminium windows, and we use aluminium rails and an aluminium cover for the installation.