Front doors

When designing your home, even the slightest detail will contribute to the homey atmosphere, the front door particularly. Make sure that it makes the desired impression; choose the front door that suits you just right. Tastes may differ, but at Iveta that is not a problem. We offer various lines, for various wishes and styles, hidden sash doors, Gallant, Simple, and Ground.



Hidden sash

The latest door in the offer is the hidden sash door, which comes as an ALU-PVC combination, or just aluminium. The doors from the Gallant line are special because of their decorative panels in all PVC/RAL colours and they feature ABS plastics or stainless steel applications, usually with the thickness of 25 mm or 45 mm. If you would rather have a simpler door, without applications, we are sure you can find it in the Simple line, which is special because of its decorative panels with only glass, without applications. For those who want a standard PVC door combined with a large selection of decorative glass panes and vacuumed decorative panels, they can find what they want in the Ground line.

Hidden sash