PVC patio doors

  • Top quality insulation properties Uw = 0.64 W/(m²K) that reduce your bills
  • 5 and 6 chamber profiles with triple low-e glass glazing
  • 5 year warranty
  • Strength and high quality guarantee a long-term investment
  • More than 50 colours, shades of wood and textures, and various shapes for all tastes and wishes

The functional and decorative demands for PVC patio doors are similar to those of windows. There are various options for making patio doors, depending on your needs: Single sash patio doors with turn and tilt opening options, double sash patio doors with one turn and tilt sash and one casement sash, double sash patio doors with a central column where all the sashes have all the opening options, single sash and double sash doors combined with fixed panels and an overhead light, folding patio doors, sliding patio doors… PVC patio doors can also have exterior opening and cylinder locking. There is also the option to have the patio doors open inward and outward.

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Standard glass panes installed in PVC windows are 24 mm IZO glass, with the composition of 4-16-4. Recently, with the increase in awareness and the requirements for energy savings, there is greater representation of triple-layer glass panes with the thickness of 36 mm and the composition of 4-12-4-12-4 in profiles with the installation depth of 70 mm, but also glass panes with the thickness of 44 mm and the composition of 4-16-4-16-4 in 90 mm.

Appearance of your home

In order to satisfy everyone’s aesthetic tastes, from architects and interior designers to owners of the buildings, we offer more than 50 various colours and textures.


At Iveta, we make windows and doors of special sizes and shapes, according to your wishes. Choose the method of opening and closing windows that suits you best.


In order to cater to all the tastes and requests, we offer 49 various shades of colours and textures for you to choose from. If the natural look of wood joinery is more suitable for your home and you still want to use all the advantages of modern PVC windows and doors, the profiles with wood decor are a solution for you. We offer 13 various wood textures which look like various types of wood: oak, walnut, beech, etc.


Rosenheim and Passivhaus Institut certificates confirm the quality of our PVC profiles: water tightness, strength, and insulation properties.

Joinery maintenance

Regular maintenance of your windows and doors keeps them in their original shape for a longer period. The maintenance equipment from your Iveta maintenance set protects your joinery from external influences, like UV radiation.