PVC plantation shutters

  • They are increasing the insulation properties of windows and doors.
  • They are preserving your windows and doors.
  • They are increasing the safety of your home.
  • Fxed or movable.
  • They are easy to use and maintain.

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Joinery maintenance

Regular maintenance of your windows and doors keeps them in their original shape for a longer period. The maintenance equipment from your Iveta maintenance set protects your joinery from external influences, like UV radiation.

Appearance of your home

In order to satisfy everyone’s aesthetic tastes, from architects and interior designers to owners of the buildings, we offer more than 50 various colours and textures.

Benefits of PVC shutters

High quality PVC plantation shutters have multiple roles: They increase the safety level of your home, add to the protection and preservation of your windows and doors from external influences (UV light, mechanical damage), and serve as a good insulation element (PVC plantation shutters reduce energy loss up to 60% throughout the year and reduce the expenses for heating and cooling your home).


In order to cater to all the tastes and requests, we offer 49 various shades of colours and textures for you to choose from. If the natural look of wood joinery is more suitable for your home and you still want to use all the advantages of modern PVC windows and doors, the profiles with wood decor are a solution for you. We offer 13 various wood textures which look like various types of wood: oak, walnut, beech, etc.


Rosenheim and Passivhaus Institut certificates confirm the quality of our PVC profiles: water tightness, strength, and insulation properties.

Large selection of materials

We offer PVC Veka plantation shutters, as well as a wide selection of aluminium plantation shutters.