PVC roller shutters

  • They increase the insulation properties of windows and doors
  • High quality insulation properties Usb = 0.76 W/(m2K)
  • They increase the durability of PVC windows and doors
  • They are simple to maintain and facilitate the maintenance of windows and doors

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Joinery maintenance

Regular maintenance of your windows and doors keeps them in their original shape for a longer period. The maintenance equipment from your Iveta maintenance set protects your joinery from external influences, like UV radiation.

Appearance of your home

In order to satisfy everyone’s aesthetic tastes, from architects and interior designers to owners of the buildings, we offer more than 50 various colours and textures.

Benefits of PVC roller shutters

PVC roller shutters, same as plantation shutters, increase the insulation value of windows, protect the windows from external influences and damage, increase the durability of PVC windows and doors, and facilitate maintenance. Vekavariant PVC roller shutters are an excellent insulator: Usb = 0.76 W/(m2K) and fRsi = 0.70. PVC roller shutters (Vekavariant) are available in three basic heights: 175, 210, 235 mm.


In order to cater to all the tastes and requests, we offer 49 various shades of colours and textures for you to choose from. If the natural look of wood joinery is more suitable for your home and you still want to use all the advantages of modern PVC windows and doors, the profiles with wood decor are a solution for you. We offer 13 various wood textures which look like various types of wood: oak, walnut, beech, etc.


Rosenheim and Passivhaus Institut certificates confirm the quality of our PVC profiles: water tightness, strength, and insulation properties.

Accessories and upgrades

Vekavariant PVC roller shutters can be upgraded with an insect net (mosquito net). Furthermore, they are ready for the installation of electronic components so they can be electrically operated. Vekavariant PVC roller shutters match all the Veka profiles. PVC roller shutters are made of very strong materials and they represent a demanding obstacle for anyone trying to break in. Also, additional security is provided by the system that prevents the lifting of the shutter. They increase the safety of your home and also protect you from unwanted view from the outside.