Wood Alu windows

  • A high quality product
  • The interior side is natural, warm, and comfortable, and the exterior side is resistant to all weather effects and durable.
  • Triple sealing in the area where the frame and the sash connect
  • Massive wood coating on the interior is made of hard wood (oak, beech, mahogany…) protected by various types of acrylic coatings of exceptional durability.
  • The design of the wood coating is original and aesthetically unique, while the aluminium part offers a wide selection of RAL colours.

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The insulating properties of wooden windows also depend on the method of glazing. In recent times, with the increase in awareness and the need for energy savings, three-layer glass with a thickness of 44 mm, composition 4-16-4-16-4, with low-e coating and gas-filled, is increasingly present. In Iveta we have our own glass production and thus we fully control the quality of the final product and shorten the production and delivery time.

Appearance of your home

Wood as a natural material always attracts attention when it comes to its use in construction. Wood retains the properties of a living organism, and always exudes space as a pleasant and fresh material. Wood is a material that always breathes and takes care of the constant natural exchange of air in the rooms and its even humidity. In this way it creates a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

A combination of wood and aluminum

The line of products with a combination of wood and aluminium are particularly suitable for areas that are often under the effects of harsh weather. The aluminium on the exterior protects the wood, and that reduces the necessary maintenance to a minimum. This combination is most effective when it comes to saving energy and reducing your utility bills.


We offer 6 standard colors, and all other Ral colors that can be ordered at an additional cost. Standard colors are natural, castagno, verte bottiglia, verde foresta, grigio pietra, rosso paduk, rosso svedese, noce.

Joinery maintenance

Wipe doors and windows occasionally with a damp cloth and warm water. We do not recommend the use of coarse mesh and wire sponges, as well as cleaning agents in any form. Regularly clean dust and remove other types of deposits from profiles, fittings and seals along the edges of the profile.


Wood-aluminium windows stand out in price when compared to PVC windows, but they offer a longer service life.