Iveta shutters




Iveta grilja is a profile that comes from our own production. It was developed to suit any type of window. There is also the possibility of installing a mosquito net. There is also the possibility of installing a shutter stopper.

Profile dimensions

Depth: 71

Height: as needed

Possibilities of opening

shutters on window fittings, movable and fixed slats


Because of the construction quality and the strength of the material, our products meet high safety standards. Aside from the steel reinforcements in the frame, they also feature multi-layer glass panels. Also, through the combination of various glass panel properties and profile characteristics, we can adjust the safety features to the personal requests of every client.


Fittings enable opening and closing, and depending on the mode of operation, they differ in pivoting, opening, opening-swiveling, sliding, opening-sliding, lifting-sliding, harmo, etc. Fittings have a decisive influence on the reliable long-term functioning of the window, but also on the degree of safety, i.e. protection from burglary.


Windows and doors are an important insulating element of every building. The combination of insulating glass, high-quality Veka synthetic profiles and sophisticated multi-chamber production technology allows you to save considerable energy. In old buildings, more than a third of lost thermal energy (almost 40%) is caused by old windows and doors. Taking into account the growing costs of energy sources, which are increasingly burdening the household budget, and the fact that 78% of annual household energy consumption is for heating, thermal insulation is gaining more and more importance.


Iveta offers several types of safety handles for windows. We are offering window handles with safety systems that are activated by the handle going from the open position, through the “tilt” position, to the closed position, which then activates the locking mechanism and prevents the burglar from entering easily. There are also systems that have a locking mechanism inside the handle which uses a key. The key can be on the front of the handle or on the rosette. The level of safety depends on the internal mechanism of the handle. The level of safety depends on the strength that the handle can withstand when there is an attempt to pull it out of the rosette. Aside from the standard handles, we offer handles from the manufacturer Hoppe.