VEKA Slide 82

  • glazing thickness from 24 – 52 mm
  • multi-chambered PVC profile
  • high quality insulation properties
  • more than 50 various colours
  • profile depth 82 mm


Lift and slide system for individual living spaces. Glazing thickness up to 52 mm enables the use of highly insulating functional glass and with it the values of up to 0.8 W / m²K when using triple-layer glazing.

Sliding doors, with large glass surfaces, allow plenty of light in your living space and offer a direct approach to your garden or patio. VEKA offers a full spectrum of construction types for all applications with lift and slide doors and: Lift and slide doors are recommended particularly when it is required to move large glass panes. The sashes are placed on large rails, when opening the doors, one of the sashes is lightly lifted and pushed to the side.

Profile dimensions

Depth: 82 mm

Height: from 108 to 169 mm

Possibilities of opening

casement with fixed mullion, lift and slide

Thermal insulation

Uw = 1.4 W/m2K

Sound insulation

from 30 to 34 dB




Because of the construction quality and the strength of the material, our products meet high safety standards. Aside from the steel reinforcements in the frame, they also feature multi-layer glass panels.

Also, through the combination of various glass panel properties and profile characteristics, we can adjust the safety features to the personal requests of every client.

Alu coating

Aluminium is a material that is 100% recyclable. Aside from being environmentally acceptable, it fulfils all the standards when it comes to insulation properties. Aluminium coating is applied on the exterior of the PVC profile and it can be in various colours from the RAL chart. The aluminium coating will offer a modern exterior look for your home, and the PVC profile will make sure that the heat remains inside and that less thermal energy is expended.


Iveta uses fittings from the manufacturer GU, from their Uni-Jet line of fittings. The GU group offers a central locking mechanism and a system of fittings which can generally be used in all types of windows and all PVC, wood, and aluminium windows with a 16 mm groove. With the Uni-Jet line and its wide assortment of hidden connector sides for PVC, wood, and aluminium windows, the GU group meets the high design demands and opens new possibilities for shaping and the production of windows. Thanks to completely hidden connectors, the window profiles are becoming a visual accent.


Standard glass panes installed in PVC windows are 24 mm IZO glass, with the composition of 4-16-4. Recently, with the increase in awareness and the requirements for energy savings, there is greater representation of triple-layer glass panes with the thickness of 36 mm and the composition of 4-12-4-12-4 in profiles with the installation depth of 70 mm, but also glass panes with the thickness of 44 mm and the composition of 4-16-4-16-4 in 90 mm Alphaline profiles. Aside from the increased thickness of IZO glass and the number of layers of glass, we can improve insulation by using glass panes with low emissivity coatings (low-e), vanadium dioxide, and the neutral gas argon in the space between the glass panes. Aside from that, it is possible to use multi-layer glass (lamistal – triplex), where two glass panes are glued together as one with a transparent PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film in between. That type of glass panes increase safety, because they do not shatter when broken, they instead remain in one place on the film. This type of glass panes also increases acoustic insulation for 2-3 dB. Aside from thermal and acoustic insulation, the glass also offers Uv radiation protection. If we want to increase that protection, there are many tinted and reflecting glass panes available to us.


Windows and doors are an important insulation element of every building. The combination of insulation glass, high quality Veka synthetic profiles, and the sophisticated multi-chamber manufacturing technology enables significant energy savings. In old buildings, more than a third of thermal energy loss (almost 40%) is caused by old windows and doors. When considering the rising cost of heating fuel that represents an increasing burden on the household budget, and the fact that 78% of the yearly energy consumption in a household is for heating, thermal insulation is becoming more and more important.


Iveta offers several types of safety handles for windows. We are offering window handles with safety systems that are activated by the handle going from the open position, through the “tilt” position, to the closed position, which then activates the locking mechanism and prevents the burglar from entering easily. There are also systems that have a locking mechanism inside the handle which uses a key. The key can be on the front of the handle or on the rosette. The level of safety depends on the internal mechanism of the handle. The level of safety depends on the strength that the handle can withstand when there is an attempt to pull it out of the rosette.

Aside from the standard handles, we offer handles from the manufacturer Hoppe.