Snježana Peček

Snježana Peček, was born in Bjelovar. In parallel with the Classical Gymnasium, she graduated from the High School of Music, and for her life she chose to study Economics in Zagreb, where she graduated in 1982. The basic commitment was to learn to work in the “economy”, so she accepted a job in the “Tomo Vinković” foundry and tractor factory in Bjelovar. For most of the 9 years she spent there, she worked as the head of the plan and analysis service. She worked in the field of export-import, and as the head of accounting and finance in FEMA d.o.o.

Since 1992 she has been employed in her own company IVETA d.o.o. in which she is a co-owner together with her husband Ivan. With the experience gained in economic activity, they have successfully built and expanded a company for the production of PVC and aluminum joinery. In 2002, they founded a daughter company PANETA, which is engaged in a related activity of production of flat and decorative fillings for construction.

She is the mother of two children, Ivana and Domagoj, who are finishing school, and with their acquired knowledge they are actively participating in the work and expansion of the family business.